“How to have the worst family vacation ever” Say What?

This weekend, I came across an article in USA Today called “How to have the worst family vacation ever.” I was immediately curious since I am writing about multigenerational travel through this blog.

What struck me most about this article is that seemed more like a warning list of “do-nots”. And, it sent shivers down my spine about the thought of figuring out how to take any vacation with family regardless of where they stand on the tree.

I am not saying that there isn’t merit with a “do not” list. After all, there is lots here I can relate to and the advice is sound. I just worry that this approach may not motivate people to consider multigenerational travel.

There are so many stories out there about bad family travel. We all have heard at least one horror story and some of us may even have experienced the horror first hand!

I am here to say that there is absolutely no reason why you can’t have a wonderful, relaxing and memorable vacation with your family.

Please check in with me from time to time where I’ll continue to share my travel stories and yours.

Thanks for stopping by.

Dorothy Hoffman is the creator of the travel blog, Squirts and Seniors. She is a Gen X-er who writes about traveling at home and abroad with her young son and aging parents.

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