In travel, as in life, it’s the connections that count

In travel, as in life, it’s the connections that count.

This quote is from George W. Stone’s Editor’s Note in the latest edition of National Geographic Traveler magazine.

For me, these are beautiful and simple words that really bring home the essence of what it means to travel together as a family.

It’s not just the act of traveling together that is important. It’s the experiences (good, bad, and in-between) that we share with each other throughout our travels. It’s learning something new, sharing something old, and creating new memories and stories together. It’s about understanding what it will take to meet each other where we are at so that when we travel we have rich and meaningful experiences with each other.

So many times when I talk to friends and colleagues about family travel I often hear a detailed, passionate, and negative story, followed by an oath of never again.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

My hope is that the advice and stories in my blog, Squirts and Seniors, will give families the confidence to explore and experience the world with each other.

Make sure to check in throughout the year for travel tips and stories from the past and the future. We are planning some terrific adventures this year including going to the 100th running of the Indy 500 and trips to Portugal and the Philippines.

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Dorothy Hoffman is the creator of the travel blog, Squirts and Seniors. She is a Gen X-er who writes about traveling at home and abroad with her young son and aging parents.