Photo by Jamie Sangar Photography (2014).

I am Dorothy and I welcome you to Squirts and Seniors. This blog is a collection of experiences, life stories, and advice I am learning along the way while traveling close at home and abroad with our young son and our aging parents.

The idea for Squirts and Seniors came to life during a family vacation to Brazil. When we first started to plan our trip my mother-in-law (MIL) immediately voiced her desire to go with us. Brazil is her homeland and she wanted nothing more than to be able to experience it with her grandson, son, and me. My MIL is in her 70s and she wanted to be able to show us her home country from her eyes and to share the stories and memories of growing up in that beautiful place. The vacation had a profound impact on me and on how I think about family, aging, connection, and shared experiences.

My hope is that the stories and advice shared on Squirts and Seniors will provide families with the confidence to travel with each other and create meaningful moments.

Traveling is not a full-time job for our family but it is a priority for us. The experiences I will share on the blog are those that we are experiencing and that we have experienced over the years traveling in the US and around the world.

Share your story

If you have a story you would like to share about your own adventures in multigenerational travel, please email me at dorothy@squirtsandseniors.com.

Please include the following in your email:

  • Your name or the name which you and others would like to be referred to in the story. If you want to remain anonymous, that is fine too, just let me know.
  • The lesson you learned from your trip.
  • Photographs you would like included in the story.


Unless noted in the photo caption, all of the photographs on this blog have been taken by me. Please do not use these photographs without my permission.



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